BabyNow Multi-Functional Baby Bag

BabyNow Multi-Functional Baby Bag

BabyNow Multi-Functional Baby Bag

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Traveling With A Toddler Never Got Easier!

Going out with your toddler without a carriage is a sure way to ruin your travel, luckily there is a backpack that takes care of all the troubles that come up with carrying a baby.

BabyNow is spacious and ready to hold all the baby’s essentials in it! Its unique design allows the inner compartment to expand into a foldable carriage perfect for an unexpected diaper change.

The improvised carriage makes for a great bed for outdoor naps. BabyNow is here to solve any problems that might occur on your travels with your unpredictable toddler.

Why BabyNow Is For You!

On-the-go dipper changing- BabyNow transforms from a travel bag to a baby carriage perfect for cleaning messes on your travels.

Meet all your baby’s needs- Each inner pocket provides thermal isolation allowing you to store milk in perfect temperature and pack every baby essential in one place!

The best nap spot- The inner carriage is private, secure and comfy just like a real bed! Anywhere is a good place to take a nap in it!

BabyNow is the ultimate choice- One backpack solves all your baby problems when going out. With BabyNow you are prepared for any baby troubles!


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