DivineSpine™ Decompression Belt

DivineSpine™ Decompression Belt

DivineSpine™ Decompression Belt

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The #1 Rated Back Support Belt Recommended By Chiropractors

Would you like to have a better posture? Get rid of back pains and align your spines to its natural positions? Imagine doing that without visiting chiropractors or physiotherapists!


DivineSpine™ DECOMPRESSION BELT is the answer! Try it today and feel its wonders.

Our easy to use decompression belt is specifically designed to help strengthen your back and align your spine. Widely recommended by professionals for the treatment of back pain and spine misalignment. It can also help you stand taller and straighter.

How Does The DivineSpine™ Help You?

Relieves Back Pain: When inflated with air, the belt stretches and retracts your lower back, and decompresses the spinal disc. This decompression helps take pressure off pinched nerves. Allow degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients it requires to heal fast. It also helps herniated and bulging discs return to their normal and natural position.

Decrease Pressure On Your Back: When inflated, the height of the belt increases by 4 inches (7.5cm). In doing so, the belt stretches tight muscles, therefore lifting your upper body, taking the weight off your lower back: Less pressure on the back means less or no pain.

Improved Posture: This belt does not just help relieve pain and strain. It will hold the midsection together, stabilising your spine and muscle. In doing so, allows you to stand straighter and prevents you from slouching. 

Heal Your Back: Don't worry. Our DivineSpine™ Belt is not just any ordinary belt. It is designed to allow the flow of blood, water, and other nutrients while working to relieve you of back pains. It could be used for as long as you want without the fear of any side effect.

Use Anywhere, Anytime: DivineSpine™ can be used at home, while driving, at work. It does not cause any discomfort whatsoever but instead brings ease to your back. It has proven to be most effective during working hours.


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