PendiLux - Stress Relief Pendulum

PendiLux - Stress Relief Pendulum

PendiLux - Stress Relief Pendulum

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This Soothing Pendulum Will Put Your Mind At Ease!

Looking for a healthy stress relieving alternative to addictive medications? Then try PendiLux our stress destroying pendulum that swings hypnotically while drawing soothing patterns in the sand!


You Can't Put A Price On a Relaxed Mental State

PendiLux combines both hypnotically soothing pendulum swing with the zen sand box that together make the ultimate relaxing experience that will instantly take your mind to a happier place

Makes for such a great gift not only for yourself but also for a friend or family member.. literally anyone you know deals with stress from time to time.. know anyone? 

So if you’re looking for a soothing & relaxing way to end the day, or if you’re looking for a fantastic gift idea, grab PendiLux and watch it for a minute & feel as your stress levels instantly drift away!


Relieves Stress Levels Instantly - pendulums have been scientifically proven to cause lower levels of stress and has an immediate effect on mood & mental state.. now that’s value amigo!

No Installation, Sets Up Quickly! - no power tools needed simply stick the pole in the slot and fill the courtyard with sand and off you go to a better and calmer you!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this stress relieving pendulum makes a great gift for literally anyone that has stress in their life.. know anyone? We thought you might! They make great gifts year round!

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